ROIconsulting understands that the executive recruitment process can be the most intensely personal and impactful business endeavor undertaken by either company or individual.

The client has great hopes that finding the perfect executive talent will bring about the success of a new business initiative.
The candidate has big dreams about finding a position that will be meaningful and rewarding.

ROIconsulting is committed to fulfilling these desires.

Our approach to each search assignment can be characterized as follows:

Rigorous Assessment
Dedicated Teamwork
Aggressive Networking

Objective Evaluation
If you think our approach is right for you, please contact us.

ROIconsulting provides the following services:

Executive Search
ROIconsulting largest service practice - Executive Search - concentrates on helping clients achieve this advantage through the identification, assessment and recruitment of the world's most talented business leaders.

Board Consulting
ROIconsulting has a dedicated practice specializing in Board Consulting and Director Search. The Group focuses its efforts on the highest level of an organization and works in a collaborative manner with the chairman of the board and its members to recruit directors whose independence, intellect, integrity, and courage will strengthen the board and create sustained competitive advantage.

Talent Management / Management Appraisal
One of the key challenges for business leaders is to identify, develop and retain outstanding individuals, who are able to deliver superior performance, both individually and as part of a team. Consultants at ROI Consulting.